A Bit About Us

What is Women in Networking?

WIN of SEO is a group of women from all over southeastern Ohio who meet monthly to focus on encouraging each other toward personal and professional growth.  We are a group of women from all walks of life who want to make meaningful business connections with each other. Networking is critical to success. People buy from and hire those they like and trust, but it can sometimes be more challenging for women.

We want to inspire, energize, and help you make connections in a warm and friendly atmosphere both in person and on social media. By providing time for both informal and structured activities we hope to create an environment where women can meet their peers without having to be so very brave all the time.

How does it work?  

At each month’s luncheon there will be a variety of ways to connect with others.  There will be a speaker who will share tips and helpful information, there will be a chance to connect with the other women at your table during an open discussion of an ice breaker question, and there will be free time to converse in an informal setting.

Each month there will be a featured business.  The featured businesses will be featured at the meeting with a small display and throughout the month on our Facebook page.  You can be eligible to be featured by becoming a member. Membership costs $50 and includes one year of monthly meetings.

Want to see what it’s all about without a commitment?  Come to our next meeting for just $5.00 and see if it is the place for you.


(740) 594-8381